About Us

What is Outum Label??
Outum Label is a new, small organization, led by the founder, Chef Ryan, to provide to you our services guaranteed to committed to 100% quality satisfaction.. our promise is that we will attribute our best effort to fulfill your needs..

What are our services?

  1. suppliers - we will find for suppliers, any kind of suppliers like food or beverages, and so on, especially for your business needs..
  2. stokist - or we can be your stokist! for any business owners or proprietors there that wanted us to be your retailer or stokist, we are very honored and happy to become one of your agent ;)) in the meantime, we are searching for a house lot or maybe a small house, for us to make it as our mini headquarter.. so that we can simply put and sell all of our products there..
  3. event planner plus catering - being in the food industry for such a quite long time period, we can assure you that we can be your event planner for any kinds of events ;)) such as weddings, gatherings, seminars, open houses, and so on.. in our package, there is a catch ;) we also offer you our catering services, with 100% guareantee that the food will be accordance to your expectations ;)

for any enquiries, you can let us know by email to us at outum_label@yahoo.com

thank you and have a nice day ;)